Serviced Apartments Rentals: Short Stay Apartments in Moscow from LikeHome

Would you like to feel at home even in an unfamiliar city? Would you like to enjoy a cozy, home-like atmosphere where you can relax and unwind in the evening? In such case, LikeHome has something to offer you.
We will help you find serviced apartments in Moscow with all advantages of a hotel room but without time-consuming formalities and red tape.

What is the “serviced apartments in Moscow”?

Short stay apartments – from a few days to a couple of weeks – are in high demand today. It is very difficult to find apartments on your own, especially if you are a guest of the Russian capital from another city or country. However, you do not need to search on your own – we have already found suitable serviced apartments for you in Moscow.

Our company specialists will offer an apartment from our database that will meet your requirements. We will take into consideration all of your wishes regarding the number of rooms, amenities and furniture in the apartment, floor preference, location and the number of guests wishing to stay there.

What apartments do we offer?

In our company database there are hundreds of square meters of accommodations. The catalog on this site is updated on a regular basis and contains dozens of apartments waiting for their tenants.

We offer serviced apartments of various categories in Moscow – from middle-income apartments to business and luxury apartments at the heart of the city. We have apartments both in new housing developments and prestigious residential housing built in the past years.

With LikeHome you can rent apartments with one, two, three or more rooms of various sizes. The total area of an apartment determines the number of guests who can stay there – from 1-3 people in 2-room apartments to 5 and more people in apartments with 3 or more rooms.

What are the amenities of serviced apartments in Moscow?

A short stay apartments are fully equipped, furnished and move-in ready. In our serviced apartments in Moscow you will enjoy an unforgettably comfortable stay.

Apartments have the following amenities:

  • Comfortable furniture (from high-quality standard to designer sets);
  • All necessary appliances (washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators, air-conditioning, microwave ovens, etc.);
  • Electronics (TV and home theaters, media centers, etc.);
  • Communications means (telephone, Internet access, satellite TV).

Daily apartment rentals have a lot of options to choose from. We will select an apartment that meets your requirements and is located in the area of your choice.

Why serviced apartments better than a hotel?

You will enjoy short stay serviced apartments more than a hotel room because:

  • An apartment is a more customary environment than a hotel room and offers a home-like atmosphere;
  • Serviced apartments do not require a lot of formalities;
  • It is easier to find an apartment with an optimum value/quality ratio than a hotel room.

Renting apartments in Moscow through LikeHome, you can have an accommodation with hotel-level service. Such apartments have regular room service with housekeeping and other services.

Rentals from LikeHome have other advantages as well:

  • A wide selection of serviced apartments;
  • Visa support and assistance with registration for foreign citizens;
  • Upon request, our manager will arrange transfer around the city, book a cab and organize a Moscow guided tour.